Application for Envirotech Filter Elements

Several years of continuous research and development of raw materials has improved the quality of the Envirotech filter elements. Individual adjustable material properties enable the filter elements to be used in almost all filtration applications.

Chemical and petrochemical industry        Pharmaceutical  industryMining and metallurgic industryTreatment of inert mud

Production of organic colours
Mineral pigments
Components of acidic washing
Filtration of gypsum
Mud of petroleum extractions on oil platforms
Mud for the recycling of chrome
Production of compounds like antibiotics
Acidic compounds in aqueous solutions for the separation of
pharmaceutical substances
Extractive metallurgy and metal processing
of metals like copper,zinc, carbon,
silver, gold,nickel, etc.

Marble sawmills
Extraction of marble
Mud out of mines
Concrete mud
Mud of siliceous origin
Ceramic industry          Food industry         Water and Waste Water                

Filtration of kaolin
Filtration of clay
Filtration and production for refractory bricks
Cheese factories
Filtration of animal and vegetable fats and oils
Filtration of beet sugar
Filtration of wine trash
Herb filtration for bitters and alcoholics
Fruit pulp filtration to get juice
Gelatine production
Treatment of galvanic mud
Wastewater treatment
Potable water treatment
Soil washing
Mud treatment in foundries
steel mills with smoke abatement
Mud treatment in tanneries