Our History………

EnviroTech Molded Products was originally formed as a part of EIMCO, a supplier of process equipment in the late 1963. The company was originally known as EimcoMet and later as EIMCO Molded Products.

During the 1970`s, EimcoMet extended its business beyond the filtration lines and began its custom molding operations.

The molded products division separated from EIMCO in the 1980`s and the name Envirotech Molded Products was adopted in June, 1991.

The spelling of the name was changed in mid-1992 for making purposes to EnviroTech Molded Products.

The Italy molding operation start-up was in mid-1970`s when the filter plates have been introduced to the market as a separate product line.

In 1982 EnviroTech was acquired by Baker, and in 1994 acquired by Weir.  Since 2002 EnviroTech Molded Products belongs to the Klinkau Group, the worldwide leading manufacturer of membrane filter plate technology.

With more than 40 years of experience in solid liquid separation EnviroTech supplies filter elements successfully to the filtration market.

Continuous research and development in raw material, process technology, and design work, makes Envirotech Molded Products  today one of the leading manufacturers of injection molded filter elements worldwide.

Envirotech Molded Products can offer a wide range of filter elements in the size from 470mm up to 2x2m made of different materials of construction based upon the filtration process parameters.

As a member of the Klinkau Group, Envirotech  Molded Products can offer worldwide manufacturing facilities and an excellent worldwide sales network.