Chamber Plates “Lake-Free”

IMG_0304btela calafatata con corda intrecciata

Particolare con O-Ring
EMP realizes this type of Chamber filter plate with “caulking” filter cloth and gaskets.The second one allows a perfect coupling between the combined plates and enables the best seal during the filtration process. The Filter Cloth is fixed on the perimetral area, according to one’s needs, using caulking ropes obtained by the same material of filter cloth or through sealing which can be realized with different materials (EPDM – FDA – NBR – VITON – SILICONE).At the feeding hole, it is possible to use two filter cloths connected by an impermeable sewn collar or half filter cloths fixed by polypropylene clamping rings. Other solutions can be developed in collaboration with the client.The Chamber Plate “Leak-Free” is feasible on plates having four corners at 45° only.
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