Recessed Plates

Piastra Filtrante ConcamerataEnvirotech Molded Products’s (EMP)Chamber Filter Plates are available in a size range from 470x470mm up to 2000x2000mm. The plates are manufactured in one single piece by injection molding. EMP’s chamber filter plates are made of high quality polypropylene with individual adjustable material properties. There are various configurations on EMP’s Chamber filter plates available. It is granted to find the model and design that fits best to your application and/or filtration processes.
EMP’s Chamber filter plates are designed and manufactured to allow open and closed filtrate discharge. For open discharge via a drain bib, for closed filtrate discharge via corner ports which are integrated in the plate and/or according to the customer’s needs. The feed eye can be obtained in a standard position or in an individual tailor-made position. Some accessories can be supplied integrally molded with the plate. Others can be provided and/or adapted according to potential customer requirements. EMP’s Chamber filter plates can also be supplied in caulked and gasketed (CGR) design.

Collettore Piastra Filtrante